Eric’s 5th acupuncture appointment

Cupping therapy, woman doctor removes cup from the patient's back

Today, Eric had a procedure called “cupping” done at his acupuncture appointment. This picture is just what I found online to show what it looks like. His looked much worse! She said that it would suck out the stagnation in his deep muscles. I’m thinking a bit more scientifically – it just encourages blood flow from deep tissue to the outer tissue. Still not sure if that’s a good thing.

Yesterday, Eric’s day was as though he had gone backwards several weeks. Very discouraging. He was in so much pain he was struggling just to even think clearly. He spent most of his day on the couch being depressed from so much limitation.

Today, he woke up feeling a good bit better, but still has no stamina or strength to walk very far or do very much. He is not in as much pain as he was yesterday, but the pain has changed. He is now, once again, having nerve pain shooting down his left leg into his foot. It seems like with every little advancement, there seems to be more facets of difficulty and struggle.

I am going to try to encourage him to do more reading, rather than online stuff, so that he can try to stimulate his brain in more productive ways. Hopefully, that will keep his mind busy and positive and he can actually get the books read that he’s always wanted to read.

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