Garden picture


It’s not as pretty, yet as it will be, but imagine the left side of the grass that runs up the middle (temporary until I can till it under) is all herbs and flowers, and, hopefully eventually, strawberries. The right side has all my vegetables marked in rows with marigolds marking the ends of the rows, and where I have only seeds planted, I also planted a marigold in the center to help mark the row. Along the inside of the fence are planted my cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, melons, green beans, and peas. I’ll probably have to put in a few or more extra supports for the fence where the pumpkins and squash are growing, but it’ll be fun to keep them growing upwards! Along the outside of the fence we planted flowers and perennials and sunflowers. I also have a few tall perennials near the herbs inside the garden. We also set up some chairs and I’m hoping to set up a small bistro table in the herb garden. We’re lining the herb garden circles with stones and rocks to create a fun border. As with most herbs, they will overtake the whole side of the garden, so there’s plenty of room for tilling in between the herb garden circles. I’ll post pictures as we go along. I’m super excited about this garden!

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