antique junk

We are getting ready to clean out our big, ole’ barn, and I can’t help but not throw out all those quirky antiques! From antique windows, to antique mirrors, to antique farm equipment! I guess I’m way more nostalgic than I thought! I asked my kids, yesterday, to clean out one of the rooms in the barn, and, this morning, I see an antique window sitting out by the road! NO!!!! I can do something cool with that! And, that! And, that, too! Yeah, so cleaning out the barn may become more difficult for them than just simply cleaning out their rooms. That’s so much simpler! I’m seeing all kinds of quirky ideas for that window. Of course, like I have time? This is the person who just decided that she wants to get a dairy cow so that she can make cheese and yogurt and butter! Right! Mm hmm. Warmer weather, you just can’t get here fast enough! In the frustrating meantime, I will just continue to stash all these cool ideas away, and still try to get the barn clean enough to start our farming business coming up this Spring!

What kind of cool ideas do you like to do with antiques?

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