Winter Weather Predictability

As always, Michigan has once again shown us that the rules of the weather do not apply here! As we finally near the end of the winter season, our wonderful weather system decided to throw one more winter storm, for the ages, as a final farewell. Our state ended up declaring a state of emergency for a day, and many and most were unable to make it to their jobs. I guess that’s what you call a SNOW DAY! I believe for many places here in Michigan, we got about 12-13 inches. It felt like waaaaaaay more! How many did ya’ll get where you are? I’m curious to see the different amounts! Let’s ask a more important question, though. How did your animals handle the weather? I know ours did pretty well. They are used to freak weather “episodes” here. During the worst of it, they pretty much just tried to stay in their stall and huddle together. And for our two babies, this was their first real snow storm. I don’t think they are fans! An awesome fun fact about cattle! Did you know that if you see snow built up on your cow’s back, that actually means they are staying warm enough? Who would have thought?! But what that actually means is that her winter fur coat is thick enough that it is holding all of her body heat in and keeping her plenty warm and comfy. If you were to see your cow with melting snow on her back, that means her body heat is escaping, and her coat is not thick enough. Often times, if you move a cow up from the south to colder climates than what she is used to, you will often see this problem. See now, everytime you see your snow covered cows, you’ll be glad and grateful that you have happy, healthy bovine! But I am seriously hoping that we’ve seen the last of the winter storms at least for the rest of this season! Here’s to hoping spring will come quickly!! I’m definitely already wishing summer was here!