Cutworms, Oh My!


My first batch of baby tomato plants were completely destroyed. So were all my baby pepper plants, but my cabbage, brussels sprouts, and broccoli were left alone. That was a sad day for me! Now that I have my final garden all tilled up, and let my chickens roam about for a day or two picking what they wanted out of the freshly worked up ground, I now have the garden fenced in to keep it protected from rabbits and deer, but I’m still getting these nasty little buggers hurting my new tomato plants! I’ve read that I need to add in used coffee grounds, which is good as a fertilizer for most of my plants, anyway, and to add in diatemaceous earth. I’ll also add in some dissolved epsom salts. I saw some cool ideas to protect the plants from the cutworms. See below:


Any thoughts from those of you who have had to deal with these deadly killer bugs?

One thought on “Cutworms, Oh My!

  1. For cutworm you can put anything that the worm can not eat through right up a against the plant so it can not get between the plant and the object. My dad always put a nail right up next to his tomatoes plants. The worm can chow through the nail and their do not like trying to wrap themselves around the nail. You can pull the object as soon as the plant is big enough that the cut worm is not interested in it anymore. Dad never had a problem with cut worms.


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